Goddess Group Room - Suite 13

Suite 13 is a currently available for rental. The space is looking for practitioners who are kind, clean, honest, respectful and work well with others. It is a shared space by intention to create a positive and supportive environment. Shared meaning that on other days of the week other practitioners will be using the space (you will not be sharing the room at the same time with other practitioners).  Currently there are 3 spots still available.  One day per week up until 6pm is $235 per month. After 6pm and weekends the room is available for an additional low cost to lease holders. Lease term is 9 months. Deposit is $350. 

The room is ready to use and creates a relaxing, inviting and clean energy. The space is intended for individual sessions or group classes, workshops, meditations, semi-private yoga/ mat pilates, message therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition consulting, marriage and family therapy, yoga and pilates instruction, hypnotherapy, reiki, or any other healing modality. Up to 13 people can come together on a cozy basis in this room. Mexican yoga blankets are available for seating and comfort and there is a small amount of storage space available for other supplies and a massage table.  A waiting area is located in the entry way of the suite and there are benches for further seating in the hallway. The office is affiliated with a larger suite next door that includes  healing practitioners and welcomes a very collaborative and supportive environment. 

 For inquiries, applications and to view the room, please email EmbodiedHealthCenter@gmail.com

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