Energetic (Muscle) Testing for Beginners

Stop guessing what your body wants, you'll know!

Starts on Sunday Feb 16, 2020



Finally this course is here!!  I am so excited and you probably are too!

We will be learning what your body truly needs and wants, who you are asking, what you can and can't test with success, and how to test! You can stop guessing and know what foods are good for you and what supplements you need for basic health and acute immune issues!


There will be four in-person workshops with accompanying online modules to support you. The first two workshops and modules in the series will teach you how to test, what you can test with success, and how to problem solve if you are getting questionable results. There will be practice time during the workshops and an online group chat with other members for support and community.


The 3rd and 4th modules will give you a guide and allow you to practice determining basic nutritional needs and acute immune needs for yourself (i.e. you get a cold and want to know what nutrients will best support you to shorten and lessen the symptoms and severity of the cold). You can apply this technique and knowledge for yourself and your family. Truly invaluable and indispensable information. I am so excited to teach you this!!!



Important Details: The course is 4 in person workshops, that will last about 75-90 mins per session and will be accompanied by online modules to support and guide you. The first two workshops are the most important as you will be learning how to actually do the technique therefore it is recommended to not miss either of these. If you cannot make one of the sessions, that is fine however the price for the workshop is the same. Deposit is needed for sign up and is non-refundable. Payment plans are available and a full-refund minus the deposit will be issued if cancelled a full week (7 days) ahead of scheduled workshop.  Please note, if a payment plan is set up for a workshop that you sign up for and you cancel within seven days of the workshop start date you still may have to pay the full price for the workshop unless your spot can be filled (even if you haven't paid yet because you signed up for a payment plan). We provide payment plans to make the workshops more accessible and affordable however we confirm the workshops based on how many participants can attend.


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Dates: Feb 16, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020

Takes place every other week from 10:30 - 12:00 pm

Sun Feb 16

Sat Feb 29* Please note this is a Saturday

Sun March 15  

Sun March 29

We will cap the participants at 6 people. Please sign up early to confirm the class and make sure there is availability for you.

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Email: myembodiedhealth@gmail.com

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