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Pros to ordering your own supplements: 1. Check home supply to make sure you need it. 2. Order directly from home and get shipped directly to your home. No driving for pick ups at the office and wondering when it will come in. 3. If you like a supplement you can reorder it as many times as you want when you want.  4. Using the online guides, you can order safe and effective supplements for your loved ones without needing a visit. 5. There is no need to order from Amazon or eBay and risk consuming counterfeit and dangerous supplements. 6. You are supporting Embodied Health which in turn supports you.  We need to stay in business to support and improve your health and  well being. 

Cons to ordering your own supplements: 1. You have to make sure to do it or you won't get better.

Please DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM AMAZON! This is dangerous for your health as the counterfeit supplement industry is huge. In China they can make anything to look like anything.  We have seen serious health complication from people taking supplements that they ordered off of Amazon or some random site. In addition our business model is set up so that supplements sales keep us in business. Please suport us so we can suport you.

how to order

1. Check protocol sheet to to see if you will be ordering from Standard Process or Fullscript or both.

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