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So often I hear something that breaks my heart. People walk into my office often and explain to me that the "supplements" are just too much. Too much in money spent, too much in time to organize, take up too much space in their cabinet, too many pills to take per day, and so on. But what they don't understand, and this may be you, is that these pills, these supplements are amazing gifts from nature and the best of humanity.  That sounds serious right? Well it is. It is a make or break for many people on living their life on the best journey possible for them. You see the pills are not just pills produced in some factory. They are mini representations of a positive and loving intention. The supplements contain wisdom and nutrition from nature and from the force that connects and animates us all while we are here.   It is the best of humanity because each formula, whether herbal, homeopathic or food nutrient has been thoughtfully researched, studied, appreciated and passionately adored  by a human to package it and to bring it to you. So while you see bottle of pills, I see a love that is the reason for living. It connects into the greater whole of the earth and the cosmos and represents one of the best faces of humanity. Nature, the universe puts us on a path for healing and gives us the tools to find the best of ourselves. Why would you ever 
Why does nutrition involve taking supplements? Isn't food enough? read below...this is good.
Your daily food intake (diet) is extremely important! Your diet is like the foundation of a house. I always look at the process to wellness and wholeness a lot like the rebuilding of a home. For example, the foundation of a house makes up say 10% of the overall height of the house, however if you do not have a good foundation, your house will be worthless. Unfortunately in today's world our food /diet does not contain enough nutrients to rebuild the house (your body).  Our soil has been farmed and farmed, depleting the soil of many nutrients that we need to sustain life in an optimal manner and thus our health has taken a toll (and the taste of vegetables has too). In this analogy, the vitamins and minerals are like the wood, stucco, and nails that provide the materials to build the walls, floors, and ceilings of the house. The herbs are like the tools, hammers, screwdrivers, etc and homeopathies are like the blueprints that direct the building accurately.  Our mindset, stress management techniques, meditation and sound therapy is able to clear out the clutter, redecorate our houses, transform our thought processes and thus transform the house into a home. It is at this point we inhabit our bodies, enjoy our bodies, live our life, and our experiences  on this journey of life. We live from the inside out.  Freedom, shelter, comfort, joy, love, and harmony all are within our reach and a place that feels like home. 
Why are supplements so important?
Because our food is so devoid of nutrients that it cannot sustain many of us in optimal health anymore. The soil has been continually depleted through unsustainable farming practices and each generation is getting weaker and weaker. Most people notice that allergies, physical and mental illnesses have risen over the decades and this is in part due to the lack of nutrients that our bodies have available to renew, repair and rebuild ourselves. Our toxicity is also at an all-time high. How does the body detoxify the harsh chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants? Nutrients. Nutrients provide the metabolic resources to run the liver, kidneys, and other detoxification mechanisms. If you don't have these nutrients, the physiology processes don't run, which equals you not feeling well. 
Brands we use and carry in the office:
Physica Energetics
Apex Energetics
Standard Process
And to a lesser degree a variety of other high quality products (Designs for Health, Pure Encapsulations, Innate Response, and more).
What do all of these brands have in common?
They are extremely effective, they work and are high quality. Not all vitamins and herbal products are created equal or have equal efficacy. Anyone can start a supplement company these days, you, me or your next door neighbor and label it. So it's important to make sure that what is in the bottle is what is on the label on the outside. Many supplements are not what they say they are or are loaded with fillers and no active compounds.Therefore you are wasting your money completely and get minimal results. In addition, since vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathies are derived from natural products they can vary greatly in the quality and health of the plant or animal that they were sourced from. 
The supplements recommended during the program are a combination of food concentrates, plant based formulas, and high quality sourced homeopathies. These remedies and their uses have been extensively studied to give you the most effective, safest, and quickest results possible.  Many over-the-counter vitamins are pharmaceutically produced as chemical fractions of vitamin structures. They are not made from whole foods and therefore the body does not recognize them as beneficial. Instead, your body is often forced to detoxify them and often they make you even more nutrient deficient.
Eat Food. Not Chemicals.

© 2017 by Cynthia Allen.

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